(any Manufacturer)


Most Common Aircraft by Registration

The statistic below shows the most common aircraft by registration of flights from (any Manufacturer).

RegistrationAircraft Type# of times
1F-PTRO - Not AvailableF-PTROUltralight aircraft (ULAC)243Search flights
2F-HNIZ - Not AvailableF-HNIZAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)122Search flights
3F-CJED - Not AvailableF-CJEDSailplane (GLID)111Search flights
4F-HFRM - Not AvailableF-HFRMAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)106Search flights
5F-CITZ - Not AvailableF-CITZSailplane (GLID)97Search flights
659CYB - Not Available59CYBUltralight aircraft (ULAC)69Search flights
7F-CHED - Bellview AirlinesF-CHEDSailplane (GLID)60Search flights
8F-CHFP - FlyglobespanF-CHFPSailplane (GLID)58Search flights
9F-PIGT - Not AvailableF-PIGTAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)49Search flights
10F-CGRM - Not AvailableF-CGRMSailplane (GLID)47Search flights
11F-CGQS - Daallo AirlinesF-CGQSSailplane (GLID)45Search flights
12HB-2546 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2546Sailplane (GLID)41Search flights
13F-CBEU - Not AvailableF-CBEUSailplane (GLID)40Search flights
14D-3772 - Daallo AirlinesD-3772Sailplane (GLID)39Search flights
15D-EOTH - Not AvailableD-EOTHUltralight aircraft (ULAC)38Search flights
16D-KAWN - Not AvailableD-KAWNSailplane (GLID)37Search flights
17F-CHVV - Not AvailableF-CHVVSailplane (GLID)35Search flights
18F-CMFA - Not AvailableF-CMFASailplane (GLID)33Search flights
19PH-1169 - Pawan HansPH-1169Sailplane (GLID)33Search flights
20F-CFYD - Not AvailableF-CFYDSailplane (GLID)30Search flights
21F-CIRB - Not AvailableF-CIRBSailplane (GLID)30Search flights
22F-CHYD - Not AvailableF-CHYDSailplane (GLID)27Search flights
23D-5298 - Not AvailableD-5298Sailplane (GLID)24Search flights
24F-CFVM - Not AvailableF-CFVMSailplane (GLID)24Search flights
25D-KPII - Not AvailableD-KPIISailplane (GLID)23Search flights
26PH-1260 - Pawan HansPH-1260Sailplane (GLID)23Search flights
27OM-1010 - MIAT Mongolian AirlinesOM-1010Sailplane (GLID)20Search flights
28OO-ZQK - Not AvailableOO-ZQKSailplane (GLID)20Search flights
29F-PAJD - Not AvailableF-PAJDAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)20Search flights
30F-PGRP - Not AvailableF-PGRPAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)20Search flights
31F-PGJA - Not AvailableF-PGJAUltralight aircraft (ULAC)20Search flights
32HB-3158 - Not AvailableHB-3158Sailplane (GLID)19Search flights
33D-MSZR - Not AvailableD-MSZRUltralight aircraft (ULAC)18Search flights
34D-EZHK - Not AvailableD-EZHKUltralight aircraft (ULAC)18Search flights
35F-CHGJ - Not AvailableF-CHGJSailplane (GLID)18Search flights
36F-PDCF - Not AvailableF-PDCFAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)17Search flights
37PH-1493 - Pawan HansPH-1493Sailplane (GLID)16Search flights
38F-CGST - Not AvailableF-CGSTSailplane (GLID)16Search flights
39HB-2412 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2412Sailplane (GLID)16Search flights
40F-CRPI - Not AvailableF-CRPISailplane (GLID)16Search flights
41F-PSEA - Not AvailableF-PSEAAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)16Search flights
42PH-954 - Pawan HansPH-954Sailplane (GLID)15Search flights
43F-COOL - Not AvailableF-COOLSailplane (GLID)15Search flights
44D-KOSJ - Not AvailableD-KOSJSailplane (GLID)14Search flights
45D-KAWW - Not AvailableD-KAWWSailplane (GLID)14Search flights
46HB-2527 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2527Sailplane (GLID)14Search flights
47F-CFXN - Not AvailableF-CFXNSailplane (GLID)13Search flights
48YW - Not AvailableYWSailplane (GLID)13Search flights
49F-HGRR - Not AvailableF-HGRRAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)13Search flights
50D-KDPV - Not AvailableD-KDPVSailplane (GLID)12Search flights
51F-PZBY - Not AvailableF-PZBYAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)12Search flights
52HB-2361 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2361Sailplane (GLID)12Search flights
53F-CGUV - Not AvailableF-CGUVSailplane (GLID)12Search flights
54F-CGFC - Not AvailableF-CGFCSailplane (GLID)12Search flights
55PH-1322 - Pawan HansPH-1322Sailplane (GLID)12Search flights
56D-9566 - DonaviaD-9566Sailplane (GLID)11Search flights
57D-1412 - Not AvailableD-1412Sailplane (GLID)11Search flights
58F-CBDI - Not AvailableF-CBDISailplane (GLID)11Search flights
59F-PJLN - Not AvailableF-PJLNUltralight aircraft (ULAC)11Search flights
60PH-1153 - Pawan HansPH-1153Sailplane (GLID)10Search flights
61D-MART - Not AvailableD-MARTSailplane (GLID)10Search flights
62N52XC  - Nolinor AviationN52XC Aircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)10Search flights
63F-CFZS - Not AvailableF-CFZSSailplane (GLID)9Search flights
64F-COMB - Not AvailableF-COMBSailplane (GLID)9Search flights
65D-5048 - DHL Aero ExpresoD-5048Sailplane (GLID)9Search flights
66HB-2472 - Not AvailableHB-2472Sailplane (GLID)9Search flights
67F-CAQA - Not AvailableF-CAQASailplane (GLID)8Search flights
68PH-1031 - Not AvailablePH-1031Sailplane (GLID)8Search flights
69HB-2473 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2473Sailplane (GLID)8Search flights
70D-KOWL - Not AvailableD-KOWLSailplane (GLID)8Search flights
71D-KEDE - Not AvailableD-KEDESailplane (GLID)8Search flights
72PH-1035 - Not AvailablePH-1035Sailplane (GLID)8Search flights
73F-CEIP - Not AvailableF-CEIPSailplane (GLID)8Search flights
74D-4688 - Not AvailableD-4688Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
75D-0044 - Not AvailableD-0044Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
76D-8817 - Not AvailableD-8817Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
77PH-1596 - Not AvailablePH-1596Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
78D-EFMT - Not AvailableD-EFMTAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)7Search flights
79PH-1308 - Pawan HansPH-1308Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
80PH-1518 - Not AvailablePH-1518Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
81D-0704 - Not AvailableD-0704Sailplane (GLID)7Search flights
82G-IBLP - Not AvailableG-IBLPUltralight aircraft (ULAC)6Search flights
83D-KBOY - Not AvailableD-KBOYSailplane (GLID)6Search flights
84PH-1520 - Not AvailablePH-1520Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
85D-MYRE - Not AvailableD-MYREUltralight aircraft (ULAC)6Search flights
86D-KDKR - Not AvailableD-KDKRSailplane (GLID)6Search flights
87PH-1542 - Pawan HansPH-1542Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
88HB-3414 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3414Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
89D-7025 - AirAsia XD-7025Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
90D-9455 - DonaviaD-9455Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
91D-6299 - Interair South AfricaD-6299Sailplane (GLID)6Search flights
92F-CGUO - Not AvailableF-CGUOSailplane (GLID)5Search flights
93D-2568 - Severstal AircompanyD-2568Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
94D-3241 - Daallo AirlinesD-3241Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
95F-CMHN - Not AvailableF-CMHNSailplane (GLID)5Search flights
96D-3442 - Not AvailableD-3442Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
97D-7803 - Not AvailableD-7803Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
98F-CEIN - Not AvailableF-CEINSailplane (GLID)5Search flights
99D-KWAA - Not AvailableD-KWAASailplane (GLID)5Search flights
100D-7164 - AirAsia XD-7164Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
101D-0485 - Not AvailableD-0485Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
102D-KDAH - Not AvailableD-KDAHSailplane (GLID)5Search flights
103D-MAMX - Not AvailableD-MAMXUltralight aircraft (ULAC)5Search flights
104D-6167 - Interair South AfricaD-6167Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
105OO-BET - Not AvailableOO-BETBalloon (BALL)5Search flights
106D-MVCO - Not AvailableD-MVCOUltralight aircraft (ULAC)5Search flights
107D-7191 - AirAsia XD-7191Sailplane (GLID)5Search flights
108F-CHTS - Not AvailableF-CHTSSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
109D-6482 - Not AvailableD-6482Sailplane (GLID)4Search flights
110G-CKME - Not AvailableG-CKMESailplane (GLID)4Search flights
111D-KOMH - Not AvailableD-KOMHSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
112G-TPAL - Not AvailableG-TPALUltralight aircraft (ULAC)4Search flights
113D-2000 - Not AvailableD-2000Sailplane (GLID)4Search flights
114D-KAXO - Not AvailableD-KAXOSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
115D-KRID - Not AvailableD-KRIDSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
116D-EZKB - Not AvailableD-EZKBUltralight aircraft (ULAC)4Search flights
117HB-2339 - Not AvailableHB-2339Sailplane (GLID)4Search flights
118D-KAWK - Not AvailableD-KAWKSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
119HB-3500 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3500Sailplane (GLID)4Search flights
120F-HCEA - Not AvailableF-HCEABalloon (BALL)4Search flights
121D-EGRO - Not AvailableD-EGROAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)4Search flights
122F-JBXL - Not AvailableF-JBXLMicrolight autogyro (GYRO)4Search flights
123D-OSTY - Not AvailableD-OSTYBalloon (BALL)4Search flights
124F-CZCX - Not AvailableF-CZCXSailplane (GLID)4Search flights
125D-9607 - DonaviaD-9607Sailplane (GLID)4Search flights
126D-MSZZ - Not AvailableD-MSZZUltralight aircraft (ULAC)3Search flights
127HB-3326 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3326Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
128F-WILD - Not AvailableF-WILDUltralight aircraft (ULAC)3Search flights
129HB-2470 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2470Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
130D-KFFK - Not AvailableD-KFFKSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
131D-KAPE - Not AvailableD-KAPESailplane (GLID)3Search flights
132D-0128 - DHL AirD-0128Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
133D-1179 - Domenican AirlinesD-1179Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
134PH-316 - Pawan HansPH-316Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
135D-0047 - Not AvailableD-0047Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
136D-9287 - Not AvailableD-9287Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
137F-CIDK - Not AvailableF-CIDKSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
138DKZAR - Not AvailableDKZARSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
139D-KAUE - Not AvailableD-KAUESailplane (GLID)3Search flights
140D-EPIX - Not AvailableD-EPIXAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)3Search flights
141D-KIWW - Not AvailableD-KIWWSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
142HB-3081 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3081Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
143D-3602 - Not AvailableD-3602Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
144D-MHBW - Not AvailableD-MHBWUltralight aircraft (ULAC)3Search flights
145F-GVGR - Not AvailableF-GVGRBalloon (BALL)3Search flights
146D-KEGG - Not AvailableD-KEGGSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
147D-KDRS - Not AvailableD-KDRSSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
148D-4341 - DartD-4341Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
149D-KCOM - Not AvailableD-KCOMSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
150D-6019 - Interair South AfricaD-6019Sailplane (GLID)3Search flights
151F-PJSE - Not AvailableF-PJSEAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)3Search flights
152F-CFXF - Not AvailableF-CFXFSailplane (GLID)3Search flights
153D-EJAF - Not AvailableD-EJAFAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)2Search flights
154HB-3411 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3411Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
155D-0140 - Not AvailableD-0140Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
156HB-2414 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2414Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
157PH-482 - Pawan HansPH-482Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
158HB-1798 - Harbor AirlinesHB-1798Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
159D-KCML - Not AvailableD-KCMLSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
160D-KETT - Not AvailableD-KETTSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
161HB-3387 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3387Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
162HB-3264 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3264Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
163G-DFCM - Not AvailableG-DFCMSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
164PH-1551 - Pawan HansPH-1551Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
165D-EXSH - Not AvailableD-EXSHUltralight aircraft (ULAC)2Search flights
166D-0617 - DHL AirD-0617Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
167D-EFAR - Not AvailableD-EFARAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)2Search flights
168D-2839 - Severstal AircompanyD-2839Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
169D-6680 - Interair South AfricaD-6680Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
170G-BZIM - Not AvailableG-BZIMUltralight aircraft (ULAC)2Search flights
171D-KDPF - Not AvailableD-KDPFSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
172OO-YMR - Not AvailableOO-YMRSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
173G-FUUN - Not AvailableG-FUUNUltralight aircraft (ULAC)2Search flights
174D-KNAM - Not AvailableD-KNAMSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
175D-2690 - Severstal AircompanyD-2690Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
176HB-2457 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2457Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
177D-2918 - Not AvailableD-2918Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
178F-CEPR - Not AvailableF-CEPRSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
179D-4006 - DartD-4006Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
180F-ODPA - Not AvailableF-ODPASailplane (GLID)2Search flights
181F-CHSO - Not AvailableF-CHSOSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
182ZS-GCI - Not AvailableZS-GCISailplane (GLID)2Search flights
183D-5774 - DHL Aero ExpresoD-5774Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
184HB-2436 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2436Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
185D-7881 - Not AvailableD-7881Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
186F-CZRN - Not AvailableF-CZRNSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
187D-1217 - Not AvailableD-1217Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
188F-HDVM - Not AvailableF-HDVMBalloon (BALL)2Search flights
189D-4837 - DartD-4837Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
190D-OHKS - Not AvailableD-OHKSBalloon (BALL)2Search flights
191D-KCMS - Not AvailableD-KCMSSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
192G-DCYC - Not AvailableG-DCYCSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
193PH-1530 - Not AvailablePH-1530Sailplane (GLID)2Search flights
194OO-ZFS - Not AvailableOO-ZFSSailplane (GLID)2Search flights
195D-KLOE - Not AvailableD-KLOESailplane (GLID)2Search flights
196F-PREG - Not AvailableF-PREGUltralight aircraft (ULAC)2Search flights
197F-WNUC - Not AvailableF-WNUCMicrolight autogyro (GYRO)1Search flights
198D-KCFF - Not AvailableD-KCFFSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
199G-CLPU - Not AvailableG-CLPUSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
200F-CFLM - Not AvailableF-CFLMSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
201HB-3473 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3473Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
202G-DEAK - Not AvailableG-DEAKSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
203D-KMBL - Not AvailableD-KMBLSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
204G-CHLE - Not AvailableG-CHLEBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
205D-MLHI - Not AvailableD-MLHISailplane (GLID)1Search flights
206G-DFCY - Not AvailableG-DFCYSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
207HB-2526 - Not AvailableHB-2526Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
208N2422W - Not AvailableN2422WSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
209F-CGOH - Not AvailableF-CGOHSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
210HB-3311 - Not AvailableHB-3311Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
211G-CHAW - Not AvailableG-CHAWUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
212PH-LAV - Not AvailablePH-LAVBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
213PH-UNA - Not AvailablePH-UNABalloon (BALL)1Search flights
214D-4748 - DartD-4748Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
215D-2786 - Not AvailableD-2786Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
216G-CLVZ - Not AvailableG-CLVZSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
217G-DDNV - Not AvailableG-DDNVSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
218D-KFEN - Not AvailableD-KFENSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
219LX-XAP - Not AvailableLX-XAPUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
220PH-1480 - Not AvailablePH-1480Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
221G-BYDJ - Not AvailableG-BYDJBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
222D-6947 - Interair South AfricaD-6947Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
223N246GC - Not AvailableN246GCSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
224G-BXVP - Not AvailableG-BXVPBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
225G-CBVA - Not AvailableG-CBVAUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
226F-GZHH - Not AvailableF-GZHHBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
227TC-BEZ - Not AvailableTC-BEZBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
228F-CHTK - Not AvailableF-CHTKSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
229D-KQCD - Not AvailableD-KQCDSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
230HB-1673 - Not AvailableHB-1673Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
231EI-EAK - Not AvailableEI-EAKUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
232HB-1784 - Harbor AirlinesHB-1784Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
233EI-ESC - Not AvailableEI-ESCUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
234G-CLGL - Not AvailableG-CLGLSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
235PH-DIN - Not AvailablePH-DINBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
236HB-QFG - Not AvailableHB-QFGBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
237D-5865 - DHL Aero ExpresoD-5865Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
238G-CGPA - Not AvailableG-CGPAUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
239G-CIKZ - Not AvailableG-CIKZBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
240D-KFAM - Not AvailableD-KFAMSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
241HB-2475 - Not AvailableHB-2475Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
242F-HZEP - Not AvailableF-HZEPBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
243HB-1745 - Harbor AirlinesHB-1745Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
244D-7123 - Not AvailableD-7123Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
245HB-WYT - Not AvailableHB-WYTUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
246N46547 - Not AvailableN46547Ultralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
247G-CGLF - Not AvailableG-CGLFMicrolight autogyro (GYRO)1Search flights
248EI-FBZ - Not AvailableEI-FBZUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
249F-CEKR - Not AvailableF-CEKRSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
250D-9710 - Not AvailableD-9710Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
251F-GRTT - Not AvailableF-GRTTBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
252N817JS - Not AvailableN817JSSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
253D-3366 - Not AvailableD-3366Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
254HB-3192 - Harbor AirlinesHB-3192Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
255G-CKCZ - Not AvailableG-CKCZSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
256G-CKXD - Not AvailableG-CKXDSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
257OE-5454 - Not AvailableOE-5454Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
258G-DLTY - Not AvailableG-DLTYSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
259N4038R - Not AvailableN4038RBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
260G-GTRE - Not AvailableG-GTREUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
261G-ERRI - Not AvailableG-ERRIBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
262D-KSEX - Not AvailableD-KSEXSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
263D-KPEM - Not AvailableD-KPEMSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
264HB-3182 - Not AvailableHB-3182Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
265F-HEES - Not AvailableF-HEESBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
266D-4118 - Not AvailableD-4118Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
267F-CJBI - Not AvailableF-CJBISailplane (GLID)1Search flights
268D-KIJK - Not AvailableD-KIJKSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
269EI-EWZ - Not AvailableEI-EWZAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)1Search flights
270F-HCGC - Not AvailableF-HCGCBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
271N791B - Not AvailableN791BUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
272D-EUWE - Not AvailableD-EUWEAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)1Search flights
273OY-XST - Not AvailableOY-XSTSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
274G-ROEN - Not AvailableG-ROENBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
275HB-YLP - Not AvailableHB-YLPUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
276HB-3406 - Not AvailableHB-3406Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
277D-9065 - DonaviaD-9065Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
278F-PJNL - Not AvailableF-PJNLAircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator (ZZZZ)1Search flights
279D-6144 - Not AvailableD-6144Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
280OO-ZDZ - Not AvailableOO-ZDZSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
281G-MTXC - Not AvailableG-MTXCUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
282ZS-GTS - Not AvailableZS-GTSSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
283D-OOTS - Not AvailableD-OOTSBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
284G-CLUV - Not AvailableG-CLUVSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
285G-IIOO - Not AvailableG-IIOOSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
286HB-1965 - Not AvailableHB-1965Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
287G-BYRU - Not AvailableG-BYRUUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
288PH-4N1 - Not AvailablePH-4N1Microlight autogyro (GYRO)1Search flights
289D-KIEF - Not AvailableD-KIEFSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
290OO-BAE - Not AvailableOO-BAEBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
291G-LLNT - Not AvailableG-LLNTSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
292HB-1806 - Harbor AirlinesHB-1806Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
293HB-2525 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2525Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
294EI-EPI - Not AvailableEI-EPIUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
295D-0750 - Not AvailableD-0750Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
296N7138J - Not AvailableN7138JBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
297F-HTXS - Not AvailableF-HTXSBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
298D-9433 - Not AvailableD-9433Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
299D-1247 - Not AvailableD-1247Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
300D-7230 - Not AvailableD-7230Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
301G-CKXG - Not AvailableG-CKXGBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
302D-OBEC - Not AvailableD-OBECBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
303PH-1479 - Not AvailablePH-1479Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
304D-9877 - Not AvailableD-9877Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
305HB-2448 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2448Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
306D-3510 - Not AvailableD-3510Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
307D-KCHD - Not AvailableD-KCHDSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
308G-CKWR - Not AvailableG-CKWRMicrolight autogyro (GYRO)1Search flights
309F-HONS - Not AvailableF-HONSBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
310HB-2496 - Harbor AirlinesHB-2496Sailplane (GLID)1Search flights
311G-CJIK - Not AvailableG-CJIKBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
312HB-BAN - Not AvailableHB-BANBalloon (BALL)1Search flights
313G-CKRE - Not AvailableG-CKREUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
314G-DCPM - Not AvailableG-DCPMSailplane (GLID)1Search flights
315G-CGSA - Not AvailableG-CGSAUltralight aircraft (ULAC)1Search flights
316D-KDAN - Not AvailableD-KDANSailplane (GLID)1Search flights