Air France


Most Common Departure Airports

The statistic below shows all departure airports of flights owned by Air France.

AirportCountry# of times
1Paris, France (LFPG)France2439Search flights
2Paris, France (LFPO)France551Search flights
3New York, United States (KJFK)United States194Search flights
4Nice, France (LFMN)France148Search flights
5Bordeaux, France (LFBD)France95Search flights
6Toulouse, France (LFBO)France95Search flights
7Marseille, France (LFML)France92Search flights
8Mexico City, Mexico (MMMX)Mexico89Search flights
9Los Angeles, United States (KLAX)United States85Search flights
10Douala, Cameroon (FKKD)Cameroon73Search flights
11Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire (DIAP)Cote d'Ivoire72Search flights
12, Greece (LGAV)Greece68Search flights
13Atlanta, United States (KATL)United States67Search flights
14Lyon, France (LFLL)France62Search flights
15Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)Spain61Search flights
16Montreal, Canada (CYUL)Canada60Search flights
17Chicago, United States (KORD)United States59Search flights
18Washington, United States (KIAD)United States56Search flights
19Tunis, Tunisia (DTTA)Tunisia54Search flights
20Dakar, Senegal (GOOY)Senegal52Search flights
21St.-denis, Reunion (FMEE)Reunion51Search flights
22Sao Paulo, Brazil (SBGR)Brazil49Search flights
23Casablanca, Morocco (GMMN)Morocco48Search flights
24Ajaccio, France (LFKJ)France47Search flights
25Montpellier, France (LFMT)France47Search flights
26Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB)United Arab Emirates44Search flights
27Naples, Italy (LIRN)Italy44Search flights
28Milan, Italy (LIML)Italy44Search flights
29Cotonou, Benin (DBBB)Benin41Search flights
30Libreville, Gabon (FOOL)Gabon41Search flights
31Brest, France (LFRB)France39Search flights
32Tokyo, Japan (RJAA)Japan37Search flights
33Havana, Cuba (MUHA)Cuba34Search flights
34Miami, United States (KMIA)United States33Search flights
35Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (SBGL)Brazil33Search flights
36Boston, United States (KBOS)United States32Search flights
37Cancun, Mexico (MMUN)Mexico32Search flights
38Nantes, France (LFRS)France31Search flights
39London, United Kingdom (EGLL)United Kingdom31Search flights
40Beirut, Lebanon (OLBA)Lebanon30Search flights
41Zurich, Switzerland (LSZH)Switzerland30Search flights
42Warsaw, Poland (EPWA)Poland30Search flights
43Munich, Germany (EDDM)Germany29Search flights
44Algier, Algeria (DAAG)Algeria29Search flights
45Panama City, Panama (MPTO)Panama28Search flights
46Cairo, Egypt (HECA)Egypt28Search flights
47Perpignan, France (LFMP)France27Search flights
48Santiago, Chile (SCEL)Chile27Search flights
49, Argentina (SAEZ)Argentina27Search flights
50Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)Netherlands26Search flights
51Tel-aviv, Israel (LLBG)Israel25Search flights
52Houston, United States (KIAH)United States25Search flights
53Fort-de-france, Martinique (TFFF)Martinique25Search flights
54San Francisco, United States (KSFO)United States25Search flights
55Abuja, Nigeria (DNAA)Nigeria25Search flights
56Detroit, United States (KDTW)United States25Search flights
57Niamey, Niger (DRRN)Niger25Search flights
58Cape Town, South Africa (FACT)South Africa25Search flights
59, Peru (SPJC)Peru24Search flights
60Bogota, Colombia (SKBO)Colombia24Search flights
61Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (MDPC)Dominican Republic22Search flights
62Chon Buri, Thailand (VTBS)Thailand21Search flights
63Rome, Italy (LIRF)Italy21Search flights
64, China (ZSPD)China20Search flights
65Madrid, Spain (LEMD)Spain20Search flights
66Edinburgh, United Kingdom (EGPH)United Kingdom19Search flights
67Lome, Togo (DXXX)Togo19Search flights
68Lorient, France (LFRH)France19Search flights
69Milano, Italy (LIMC)Italy17Search flights
70Eindhoven, Netherlands (EHEH)Netherlands17Search flights
71Philipsburg, Saint Barthelemy (TNCM)Saint Barthelemy17Search flights
72Lagos, Nigeria (DNMM)Nigeria17Search flights
73Brazzaville, Congo (FCBB)Congo17Search flights
74Venice, Italy (LIPZ)Italy16Search flights
75Bucharest, Romania (LROP)Romania16Search flights
76Pointe-noire, Congo (FCPP)Congo15Search flights
77, Guinea (GUCY)Guinea15Search flights
78Antananarivo, Madagascar (FMMI)Madagascar14Search flights
79, India (VOBL)India14Search flights
80Cayenne, French Guiana (SOCA)French Guiana14Search flights
81Caracas, Venezuela (SVMI)Venezuela14Search flights
82Delhi, India (VIDP)India13Search flights
83Prague, Czech Republic (LKPR)Czech Republic13Search flights
84Berlin, Germany (EDDT)Germany13Search flights
85Olifants River Bridge, South Africa (FAOR)South Africa13Search flights
86Bastia, France (LFKB)France13Search flights
87Pointe-a-pitre, Guadeloupe (TFFR)Guadeloupe12Search flights
88Vienna, Austria (LOWW)Austria12Search flights
89Manchester, United Kingdom (EGCC)United Kingdom12Search flights
90, Kenya (HKJK)Kenya12Search flights
91, South Korea (RKSI)South Korea12Search flights
92Vancouver, Canada (CYVR)Canada11Search flights
93Seattle, United States (KSEA)United States10Search flights
94Port Hartcourt, Nigeria (DNPO)Nigeria9Search flights
95Pau, France (LFBP)France9Search flights
96Calvi, France (LFKC)France9Search flights
97Oran, Algeria (DAOO)Algeria8Search flights
98Istanbul, Turkey (LTBA)Turkey8Search flights
99Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (MDSD)Dominican Republic7Search flights
100, Cameroon (FKYS)Cameroon7Search flights
101Bombay, India (VABB)India7Search flights
102Lisbon, Portugal (LPPT)Portugal7Search flights
103Freetown, Sierra Leone (GFLL)Sierra Leone6Search flights
104, Japan (RJBB)Japan6Search flights
105St. Petersburg, Russia (ULLI)Russia6Search flights
106Glasgow, United Kingdom (EGPF)United Kingdom6Search flights
107Moscow, Russia (UUEE)Russia6Search flights
108Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG)Switzerland5Search flights
109Mulhouse, France (LFSB)France5Search flights
110Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (FZAA)Democratic Republic of the Congo5Search flights
111Cologne, Germany (EDDK)Germany5Search flights
112Beijing, China (ZBAA)China5Search flights
113Bologna, Italy (LIPE)Italy4Search flights
114Nuernberg, Germany (EDDN)Germany4Search flights
115Biarritz-bayonne, France (LFBZ)France4Search flights
116Strassbourg, France (LFST)France4Search flights
117Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (VVTS)Viet Nam4Search flights
118Chateauroux, France (LFLX)France4Search flights
119Toronto, Canada (CYYZ)Canada4Search flights
120Tokyo, Japan (RJTT)Japan4Search flights
121Newcastle, United Kingdom (EGNT)United Kingdom4Search flights
122Quimper, France (LFRQ)France3Search flights
123Rennes, France (LFRN)France3Search flights
124Clermont Ferrand, France (LFLC)France3Search flights
125, Armenia (UDYZ)Armenia3Search flights
126Amman, Jordan (OJAI)Jordan3Search flights
127Bremen, Germany (EDDW)Germany3Search flights
128Kiev, Ukraine (UKBB)Ukraine3Search flights
129Stockholm, Sweden (ESSA)Sweden3Search flights
130Hanoi, Viet Nam (VVNB)Viet Nam3Search flights
131Luanda, Angola (FNLU)Angola3Search flights
132Minneapolis, United States (KMSP)United States3Search flights
133Budapest, Hungary (LHBP)Hungary2Search flights
134Birmingham, United Kingdom (EGBB)United Kingdom2Search flights
135Tarbes, France (LFBT)France2Search flights
136Plaisance, Mauritius (FIMP)Mauritius2Search flights
137, Djibouti (HDAM)Djibouti2Search flights
138, Latvia (EVRA)Latvia2Search flights
139Hyeres, France (LFTH)France2Search flights
140Jakarta, Indonesia (WIII)Indonesia2Search flights
141Rabat, Morocco (GMME)Morocco2Search flights
142Figari, France (LFKF)France2Search flights
143Montevideo, Uruguay (SUMU)Uruguay2Search flights
144London, United Kingdom (EGKK)United Kingdom2Search flights
145, United States (KFLR)United States1Search flights
146Malta, Malta (LMML)Malta1Search flights
147Oslo, Norway (ENGM)Norway1Search flights
148Bamako, Mali (GABS)Mali1Search flights
149Bangui, Central African Republic (FEFF)Central African Republic1Search flights
150Pisa, Italy (LIRP)Italy1Search flights
151Male, Maldives (VRMM)Maldives1Search flights
152Hamburg, Germany (EDDH)Germany1Search flights
153Brive, France (LFBV)France1Search flights
154Stuttgart, Germany (EDDS)Germany1Search flights
155Dublin, Ireland (EIDW)Ireland1Search flights
156Wroclaw, Poland (EPWR)Poland1Search flights
157Fortaleza, Brazil (SBFZ)Brazil1Search flights
158Bilbao, Spain (LEBB)Spain1Search flights
159Hannover, Germany (EDDV)Germany1Search flights
160Marrakech, Morocco (GMMX)Morocco1Search flights