Air France


Most Common Aircraft by Registration

The statistic below shows the most common aircraft by Registration of flights owned by Air France.

RegistrationAircraft Type# of times
1F-GRHX - Air FranceF-GRHXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)4291Search flights
2F-GRHH - Air FranceF-GRHHAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)4122Search flights
3F-GRXB - Air FranceF-GRXBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3404Search flights
4F-GRHV - Air FranceF-GRHVAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3372Search flights
5F-GRXK - Air FranceF-GRXKAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3356Search flights
6F-GMZD - Air FranceF-GMZDAIRBUS A-321 (A321)3285Search flights
7F-GUGL - Air FranceF-GUGLAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)3209Search flights
8F-GUGM - Air FranceF-GUGMAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)3153Search flights
9F-GUGN - Air FranceF-GUGNAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)3120Search flights
10F-GTAQ - Air FranceF-GTAQAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3088Search flights
11F-HBNL - Air FranceF-HBNLAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3057Search flights
12F-HBNC - Air FranceF-HBNCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3052Search flights
13F-HBNE - Air FranceF-HBNEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3041Search flights
14F-GUGK - Air FranceF-GUGKAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)3024Search flights
15F-GUGO - Air FranceF-GUGOAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)3018Search flights
16F-HBNH - Air FranceF-HBNHAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3013Search flights
17F-GMZC - Air FranceF-GMZCAIRBUS A-321 (A321)3007Search flights
18F-GTAX - Air FranceF-GTAXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3001Search flights
19F-HBNJ - Air FranceF-HBNJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3000Search flights
20F-GRHQ - Air FranceF-GRHQAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2977Search flights
21F-GUGR - Air FranceF-GUGRAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2941Search flights
22F-HBNF - Air FranceF-HBNFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2933Search flights
23F-GKXJ - Air FranceF-GKXJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2903Search flights
24F-GRHR - Air FranceF-GRHRAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2879Search flights
25F-GUGQ - Air FranceF-GUGQAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2879Search flights
26F-GRHZ - Air FranceF-GRHZAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2840Search flights
27F-GUGJ - Air FranceF-GUGJAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2836Search flights
28F-GRHS - Air FranceF-GRHSAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2835Search flights
29F-HBNG - Air FranceF-HBNGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2834Search flights
30F-GUGF - Air FranceF-GUGFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2832Search flights
31F-GUGP - Air FranceF-GUGPAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2815Search flights
32F-GTAP - Air FranceF-GTAPAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2797Search flights
33F-HBND - Air FranceF-HBNDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2774Search flights
34F-GTAQ - Air FranceF-GTAQAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2756Search flights
35F-GRHP - Air FranceF-GRHPAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2661Search flights
36F-GRXD - Air FranceF-GRXDAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2642Search flights
37F-HBNB - Air FranceF-HBNBAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2546Search flights
38F-GRXC - Air FranceF-GRXCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2516Search flights
39F-GRXM - Air FranceF-GRXMAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2503Search flights
40F-GRXF - Air FranceF-GRXFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2502Search flights
41F-GKXI - Air FranceF-GKXIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2487Search flights
42F-HEPJ - Air FranceF-HEPJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2476Search flights
43F-HEPK - Air FranceF-HEPKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2472Search flights
44F-HEPI - Air FranceF-HEPIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2434Search flights
45F-GKXL - Air FranceF-GKXLAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2430Search flights
46F-HEPF - Air FranceF-HEPFAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2416Search flights
47F-HEPG - Air FranceF-HEPGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2411Search flights
48F-GRHN - Air FranceF-GRHNAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2404Search flights
49F-GTAZ - Air FranceF-GTAZAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2373Search flights
50F-GKXC - Air FranceF-GKXCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2356Search flights
51F-GMZB - Air FranceF-GMZBAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2343Search flights
52F-GKXG - Air FranceF-GKXGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2340Search flights
53F-GRHF - Air FranceF-GRHFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2331Search flights
54F-GRXL - Air FranceF-GRXLAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2330Search flights
55F-GKXP - Air FranceF-GKXPAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2327Search flights
56F-GTAU - Air FranceF-GTAUAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2322Search flights
57F-GRHL - Air FranceF-GRHLAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2318Search flights
58F-GUGG - Air FranceF-GUGGAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2259Search flights
59F-GTAH - Air FranceF-GTAHAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2249Search flights
60F-GTAY - Air FranceF-GTAYAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2248Search flights
61F-GUGN - Air FranceF-GUGNAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2229Search flights
62F-GTAE - Air FranceF-GTAEAIRBUS A-321 (A321)2219Search flights
63F-GRHI - Air FranceF-GRHIAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2195Search flights
64F-GKXJ - Air FranceF-GKXJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2174Search flights
65F-GRHB - Air FranceF-GRHBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2170Search flights
66F-GUGI - Air FranceF-GUGIAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2155Search flights
67F-GKXQ - Air FranceF-GKXQAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2093Search flights
68F-GKXM - Air FranceF-GKXMAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2062Search flights
69F-GKXZ - Air FranceF-GKXZAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2045Search flights
70F-HEPA - Air FranceF-HEPAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2045Search flights
71F-GKXO - Air FranceF-GKXOAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2041Search flights
72F-GKXU - Air FranceF-GKXUAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2014Search flights
73F-HEPD - Air FranceF-HEPDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2014Search flights
74F-HBNK - Air FranceF-HBNKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1937Search flights
75F-HEPE - Air FranceF-HEPEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1937Search flights
76F-GZCB - Air FranceF-GZCBAirbus A-340 (A340)1883Search flights
77F-HBNA - Air FranceF-HBNAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1756Search flights
78F-GUGH - Air FranceF-GUGHAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)1684Search flights
79F-GRXJ - Air FranceF-GRXJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1541Search flights
80F-GRHJ - Air FranceF-GRHJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1511Search flights
81F-GZNJ - Air FranceF-GZNJBOEING 777-300 (B773)1448Search flights
82F-GRHE - Air FranceF-GRHEAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1366Search flights
83F-HBNL - Air FranceF-HBNLAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)1296Search flights
84F-GKXS - Air FranceF-GKXSAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1277Search flights
85F-GUGE - Air FranceF-GUGEAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)1248Search flights
86F-GRXE - Air FranceF-GRXEAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1247Search flights
87F-GKXE - Air FranceF-GKXEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1228Search flights
88F-HEPB - Air FranceF-HEPBAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1183Search flights
89F-GUGF - Air FranceF-GUGFAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)1126Search flights
90F-GRXC - Air FranceF-GRXCAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1117Search flights
91F-GZCL - Air FranceF-GZCLAirbus A-340 (A340)1013Search flights
92F-GRHP - Air FranceF-GRHPAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)970Search flights
93F-GZCG - Air FranceF-GZCGAirbus A-340 (A340)950Search flights
94F-GZND - Air FranceF-GZNDBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)930Search flights
95F-GSQC - Air FranceF-GSQCBOEING 777-300 (B773)922Search flights
96F-GZCH - Air FranceF-GZCHAirbus A-340 (A340)921Search flights
97F-HRBF - Air FranceF-HRBFBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)921Search flights
98F-GKXK - Air FranceF-GKXKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)921Search flights
99F-GZNB - Air FranceF-GZNBBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)907Search flights
100F-GZCC - Air FranceF-GZCCAirbus A-340 (A340)897Search flights
101F-GSQA - Air FranceF-GSQABOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)889Search flights
102F-GZNE - Air FranceF-GZNEBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)888Search flights
103F-GSQV - Air FranceF-GSQVBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)886Search flights
104F-GZNN - Air FranceF-GZNNBOEING 777-300 (B773)886Search flights
105F-GSPM - Air FranceF-GSPMBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)882Search flights
106F-GZCD - Air FranceF-GZCDAirbus A-340 (A340)881Search flights
107F-GZCO - Air FranceF-GZCOAirbus A-340 (A340)879Search flights
108F-GZNA - Air FranceF-GZNABOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)879Search flights
109F-GSQF - Air FranceF-GSQFBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)876Search flights
110F-GSQK - Air FranceF-GSQKBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)864Search flights
111F-GSPK - Air FranceF-GSPKBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)861Search flights
112F-HBNI - Air FranceF-HBNIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)861Search flights
113F-GSQT - Air FranceF-GSQTBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)860Search flights
114F-GSQU - Air FranceF-GSQUBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)858Search flights
115F-GUOB - Air FranceF-GUOBBOEING 777-200LR/777-F/777-200LR BBJ/BBJ (777-200LR) (B77L)856Search flights
116F-GZCA - Air FranceF-GZCAAirbus A-340 (A340)855Search flights
117F-GZNP - Air FranceF-GZNPBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)853Search flights
118F-GSQY - Air FranceF-GSQYBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)852Search flights
119F-GSQO - Air FranceF-GSQOBOEING 777-300 (B773)845Search flights
120F-GSQG - Air FranceF-GSQGBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)844Search flights
121F-GSPA - Air FranceF-GSPABOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)844Search flights
122F-GZNG - Air FranceF-GZNGBOEING 777-300 (B773)843Search flights
123F-GZNH - Air FranceF-GZNHBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)842Search flights
124F-GZNF - Air FranceF-GZNFBOEING 777-300 (B773)842Search flights
125F-GSPP - Air FranceF-GSPPBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)838Search flights
126F-GZCK - Air FranceF-GZCKAirbus A-340 (A340)834Search flights
127F-GUOC - Air FranceF-GUOCBOEING 777-200LR/777-F/777-200LR BBJ/BBJ (777-200LR) (B77L)834Search flights
128F-GUGB - Air FranceF-GUGBAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)832Search flights
129F-GSQH - Air FranceF-GSQHBOEING 777-300 (B773)832Search flights
130F-HRBE - Air FranceF-HRBEBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)829Search flights
131F-GZCN - Air FranceF-GZCNAirbus A-340 (A340)829Search flights
132F-GSQB - Air FranceF-GSQBBOEING 777-300 (B773)823Search flights
133F-GSQI - Air FranceF-GSQIBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)822Search flights
134F-GSQS - Air FranceF-GSQSBOEING 777-300 (B773)818Search flights
135F-GSQE - Air FranceF-GSQEBOEING 777-300 (B773)813Search flights
136F-GSQM - Air FranceF-GSQMBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)813Search flights
137F-GZNL - Air FranceF-GZNLBOEING 777-300 (B773)809Search flights
138F-GUGA - Air FranceF-GUGAAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)806Search flights
139F-GSQR - Air FranceF-GSQRBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)804Search flights
140F-GZNO - Air FranceF-GZNOBOEING 777-300 (B773)802Search flights
141F-GSQL - Air FranceF-GSQLBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)801Search flights
142F-GZNC - Air FranceF-GZNCBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)801Search flights
143F-HRBB - Air FranceF-HRBBBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)800Search flights
144F-GSQN - Air FranceF-GSQNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)800Search flights
145F-GZCB - Air FranceF-GZCBBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)793Search flights
146F-GSPL - Air FranceF-GSPLBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)790Search flights
147F-GSQX - Air FranceF-GSQXBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)784Search flights
148F-HRBD - Air FranceF-HRBDBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)783Search flights
149F-GSQD - Air FranceF-GSQDBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)777Search flights
150F-HRBC - Air FranceF-HRBCBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)770Search flights
151F-HRBA - Air FranceF-HRBABOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)770Search flights
152F-GSPN - Air FranceF-GSPNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)769Search flights
153F-GZCM - Air FranceF-GZCMAirbus A-340 (A340)762Search flights
154F-GSPN - Air FranceF-GSPNBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)761Search flights
155F-GSPI - Air FranceF-GSPIBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)760Search flights
156F-GSPE - Air FranceF-GSPEAirbus A-340 (A340)758Search flights
157F-GSQP - Air FranceF-GSQPBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)754Search flights
158F-GSPJ - Air FranceF-GSPJBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)747Search flights
159F-GZNT - Air FranceF-GZNTBOEING 777-300 (B773)740Search flights
160F-GSPF - Air FranceF-GSPFBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)737Search flights
161F-GZCE - Air FranceF-GZCEAirbus A-340 (A340)721Search flights
162F-GSPQ - Air FranceF-GSPQBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)719Search flights
163F-GSPX - Air FranceF-GSPXBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)717Search flights
164F-GZNQ - Air FranceF-GZNQBOEING 777-300 (B773)715Search flights
165F-GZCJ - Air FranceF-GZCJAirbus Airbus A330 (A330)702Search flights
166F-GSQJ - Air FranceF-GSQJBOEING 777-300 (B773)692Search flights
167F-GSPZ - Air FranceF-GSPZBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)692Search flights
168F-GSPY - Air FranceF-GSPYBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)687Search flights
169F-GSPG - Air FranceF-GSPGBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)679Search flights
170F-GZNU - Air FranceF-GZNUBOEING 777-300 (B773)676Search flights
171F-GTAO - Air FranceF-GTAOAIRBUS A-321 (A321)606Search flights
172F-GZNS - Air FranceF-GZNSBOEING 777-300 (B773)591Search flights
173F-GSPU - Air FranceF-GSPUBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)583Search flights
174F-GSPD - Air FranceF-GSPDBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)564Search flights
175F-GZCI - Air FranceF-GZCIAirbus A-340 (A340)534Search flights
176F-GZNK - Air FranceF-GZNKBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)401Search flights
177F-GSPT - Air FranceF-GSPTBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)366Search flights
178F-GSPC - Air FranceF-GSPCBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)286Search flights
179F-GRXK - Not AvailableF-GRXKAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)174Search flights
180F-GSPR - Air FranceF-GSPRBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)165Search flights
181F-GRHX - Not AvailableF-GRHXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)149Search flights
182F-GRHV - Not AvailableF-GRHVAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)146Search flights
183F-GRHG - Air FranceF-GRHGAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)135Search flights
184F-GRHH - Not AvailableF-GRHHAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)132Search flights
185F-GKXG - Transavia FranceF-GKXGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)127Search flights
186F-HEPF - Not AvailableF-HEPFAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)121Search flights
187F-GUGO - Not AvailableF-GUGOAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)113Search flights
188F-GKXJ - Not AvailableF-GKXJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)111Search flights
189F-GRXF - Not AvailableF-GRXFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)111Search flights
190F-GRXC - Not AvailableF-GRXCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)109Search flights
191F-GRHR - Not AvailableF-GRHRAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)109Search flights
192F-GRHZ - Not AvailableF-GRHZAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)109Search flights
193F-GPMD - Air FranceF-GPMDAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)109Search flights
194F-GUGI - Not AvailableF-GUGIAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)106Search flights
195F-GUGM - Not AvailableF-GUGMAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)104Search flights
196F-GKXL - Not AvailableF-GKXLAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)103Search flights
197F-GRXD - Not AvailableF-GRXDAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)101Search flights
198F-HEPK - Not AvailableF-HEPKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)101Search flights
199F-GKXP - Not AvailableF-GKXPAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)100Search flights
200F-GKXJ - Not AvailableF-GKXJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)99Search flights
201F-GRHS - Not AvailableF-GRHSAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)98Search flights
202F-GRHL - Not AvailableF-GRHLAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)96Search flights
203F-HEPJ - Not AvailableF-HEPJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)95Search flights
204F-GUGF - Not AvailableF-GUGFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)94Search flights
205F-GRHB - Not AvailableF-GRHBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)92Search flights
206F-HBNE - Not AvailableF-HBNEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)89Search flights
207F-GUGL - Not AvailableF-GUGLAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)89Search flights
208F-GRXC - Not AvailableF-GRXCAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)88Search flights
209F-HEPG - Not AvailableF-HEPGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)88Search flights
210F-GUGR - Not AvailableF-GUGRAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)87Search flights
211F-HEPI - Not AvailableF-HEPIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)87Search flights
212F-GKXG - Not AvailableF-GKXGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)86Search flights
213F-GUGN - Not AvailableF-GUGNAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)85Search flights
214F-GUGJ - Not AvailableF-GUGJAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)85Search flights
215F-GRXM - Not AvailableF-GRXMAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)83Search flights
216F-HBNL - Not AvailableF-HBNLAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)82Search flights
217F-HEPD - Not AvailableF-HEPDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)81Search flights
218F-HEPA - Not AvailableF-HEPAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)80Search flights
219F-GKXC - Not AvailableF-GKXCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)80Search flights
220F-GKXZ - Not AvailableF-GKXZAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)79Search flights
221F-GRXB - Not AvailableF-GRXBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)78Search flights
222F-GUGQ - Not AvailableF-GUGQAIRBUS A-321 (A321)78Search flights
223F-GKXQ - Not AvailableF-GKXQAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)77Search flights
224F-GZCN - Not AvailableF-GZCNAirbus A-340 (A340)77Search flights
225F-GUGH - Not AvailableF-GUGHAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)76Search flights
226F-GUGN - Not AvailableF-GUGNAIRBUS A-321 (A321)76Search flights
227F-GTAZ - Not AvailableF-GTAZAIRBUS A-321 (A321)75Search flights
228F-HBNJ - Not AvailableF-HBNJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)75Search flights
229F-GRHJ - Not AvailableF-GRHJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)74Search flights
230F-GKXM - Not AvailableF-GKXMAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)74Search flights
231F-GUGE - Not AvailableF-GUGEAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)74Search flights
232F-GRXL - Not AvailableF-GRXLAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)73Search flights
233F-HBNA - Not AvailableF-HBNAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)72Search flights
234F-HBNC - Not AvailableF-HBNCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)72Search flights
235F-GKXO - Not AvailableF-GKXOAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)71Search flights
236F-GTAU - Not AvailableF-GTAUAIRBUS A-321 (A321)71Search flights
237F-HBND - Not AvailableF-HBNDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)71Search flights
238F-GKXE - Not AvailableF-GKXEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)70Search flights
239F-GTAQ - Not AvailableF-GTAQAIRBUS A-321 (A321)70Search flights
240F-GRHN - Not AvailableF-GRHNAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)69Search flights
241F-GUGP - Not AvailableF-GUGPAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)69Search flights
242F-GZCB - Not AvailableF-GZCBAirbus A-340 (A340)69Search flights
243F-GKXK - Not AvailableF-GKXKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)66Search flights
244F-HEPE - Not AvailableF-HEPEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)66Search flights
245F-GZNJ - Not AvailableF-GZNJBOEING 777-300 (B773)65Search flights
246F-GMZC - Not AvailableF-GMZCAIRBUS A-321 (A321)65Search flights
247F-GKXI - Not AvailableF-GKXIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)65Search flights
248F-GRXJ - Not AvailableF-GRXJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)65Search flights
249F-HBNB - Not AvailableF-HBNBAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)65Search flights
250F-GRHF - Not AvailableF-GRHFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)64Search flights
251F-GKXU - Not AvailableF-GKXUAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)64Search flights
252F-GUGA - Not AvailableF-GUGAAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)64Search flights
253F-GUGF - Not AvailableF-GUGFAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)64Search flights
254F-GSPS - Air FranceF-GSPSBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)64Search flights
255F-GTAQ - Not AvailableF-GTAQAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)64Search flights
256F-GRHP - Not AvailableF-GRHPAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)63Search flights
257F-GZNT - Not AvailableF-GZNTBOEING 777-300 (B773)61Search flights
258F-HBNK - Not AvailableF-HBNKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)60Search flights
259F-HBNF - Not AvailableF-HBNFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)59Search flights
260F-GTAH - Not AvailableF-GTAHAIRBUS A-321 (A321)58Search flights
261F-GRXE - Not AvailableF-GRXEAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)57Search flights
262F-GZNP - Not AvailableF-GZNPBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)57Search flights
263F-GSQE - Not AvailableF-GSQEBOEING 777-300 (B773)56Search flights
264F-GRHI - Not AvailableF-GRHIAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)56Search flights
265F-GTAX - Not AvailableF-GTAXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)54Search flights
266F-HBNL - Not AvailableF-HBNLAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)54Search flights
267F-GUOC - Not AvailableF-GUOCBOEING 777-200LR/777-F/777-200LR BBJ/BBJ (777-200LR) (B77L)53Search flights
268F-HBNH - Not AvailableF-HBNHAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)53Search flights
269F-GSQV - Air FranceF-GSQVAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)52Search flights
270F-HBNI - Not AvailableF-HBNIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)52Search flights
271F-GZND - Not AvailableF-GZNDBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)52Search flights
272F-GRHQ - Not AvailableF-GRHQAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)50Search flights
273F-GUGB - Not AvailableF-GUGBAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)49Search flights
274F-GSQC - Not AvailableF-GSQCBOEING 777-300 (B773)49Search flights
275F-GUGG - Not AvailableF-GUGGAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)48Search flights
276F-HBNG - Not AvailableF-HBNGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)48Search flights
277F-GSQD - Not AvailableF-GSQDBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)47Search flights
278F-GSQM - Not AvailableF-GSQMBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)47Search flights
279F-GTAP - Not AvailableF-GTAPAIRBUS A-321 (A321)47Search flights
280F-HPJJ - Air FranceF-HPJJAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)46Search flights
281F-GZNQ - Not AvailableF-GZNQBOEING 777-300 (B773)46Search flights
282F-GSPM - Not AvailableF-GSPMBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)46Search flights
283F-GZNE - Not AvailableF-GZNEBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)46Search flights
284F-GMZD - Not AvailableF-GMZDAIRBUS A-321 (A321)45Search flights
285F-GRHE - Not AvailableF-GRHEAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)45Search flights
286F-GTAE - Not AvailableF-GTAEAIRBUS A-321 (A321)45Search flights
287F-HEPB - Not AvailableF-HEPBAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)44Search flights
288F-GMZB - Not AvailableF-GMZBAIRBUS A-321 (A321)43Search flights
289F-GZNU - Not AvailableF-GZNUBOEING 777-300 (B773)43Search flights
290F-GSPX - Not AvailableF-GSPXBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)43Search flights
291F-GSQP - Not AvailableF-GSQPBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)43Search flights
292F-GZCC - Not AvailableF-GZCCAirbus A-340 (A340)42Search flights
293F-GSPL - Not AvailableF-GSPLBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)42Search flights
294F-GUGK - Not AvailableF-GUGKAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)42Search flights
295F-GTAY - Not AvailableF-GTAYAIRBUS A-321 (A321)41Search flights
296F-GUOB - Not AvailableF-GUOBBOEING 777-200LR/777-F/777-200LR BBJ/BBJ (777-200LR) (B77L)39Search flights
297F-GKXK - Transavia FranceF-GKXKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)39Search flights
298F-HRBF - Not AvailableF-HRBFBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)39Search flights
299F-GSPD - Not AvailableF-GSPDBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)39Search flights
300F-GSPR - Not AvailableF-GSPRBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)38Search flights
301F-HRBB - Not AvailableF-HRBBBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)38Search flights
302F-GSQO - Not AvailableF-GSQOBOEING 777-300 (B773)38Search flights
303F-HPJD - Air FranceF-HPJDAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)37Search flights
304F-HRBC - Not AvailableF-HRBCBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)36Search flights
305F-HRBA - Not AvailableF-HRBABOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)36Search flights
306F-GZCD - Not AvailableF-GZCDAirbus A-340 (A340)36Search flights
307F-GZCH - Not AvailableF-GZCHAirbus A-340 (A340)36Search flights
308F-GSQT - Not AvailableF-GSQTBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)35Search flights
309F-GSQH - Not AvailableF-GSQHBOEING 777-300 (B773)35Search flights
310F-GZCO - Not AvailableF-GZCOAirbus A-340 (A340)34Search flights
311F-GSQR - Not AvailableF-GSQRBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)34Search flights
312F-GZCL - Not AvailableF-GZCLAirbus A-340 (A340)34Search flights
313F-GSQB - Not AvailableF-GSQBBOEING 777-300 (B773)33Search flights
314F-GZNC - Not AvailableF-GZNCBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)33Search flights
315F-GSPV - Air FranceF-GSPVBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)33Search flights
316F-GSQA - Not AvailableF-GSQABOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)32Search flights
317F-GSQK - Not AvailableF-GSQKBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)32Search flights
318F-GZNO - Not AvailableF-GZNOBOEING 777-300 (B773)32Search flights
319F-GZNG - Not AvailableF-GZNGBOEING 777-300 (B773)32Search flights
320F-GZNA - Not AvailableF-GZNABOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)32Search flights
321F-GSPN - Not AvailableF-GSPNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)32Search flights
322F-GSQY - Not AvailableF-GSQYBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)32Search flights
323F-GZNN - Not AvailableF-GZNNBOEING 777-300 (B773)31Search flights
324F-GSQL - Not AvailableF-GSQLBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)31Search flights
325F-GZNB - Not AvailableF-GZNBBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)31Search flights
326F-GZNH - Not AvailableF-GZNHBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)31Search flights
327F-GZNF - Not AvailableF-GZNFBOEING 777-300 (B773)30Search flights
328F-GSQN - Not AvailableF-GSQNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)30Search flights
329F-GSQI - Not AvailableF-GSQIBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)30Search flights
330F-GSQX - Not AvailableF-GSQXBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)30Search flights
331F-GSQG - Not AvailableF-GSQGBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)30Search flights
332F-GSPH - Air FranceF-GSPHBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)30Search flights
333F-GZNL - Not AvailableF-GZNLBOEING 777-300 (B773)29Search flights
334F-GKXS - Not AvailableF-GKXSAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)29Search flights
335F-GSQV - Not AvailableF-GSQVBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)28Search flights
336F-HRBE - Not AvailableF-HRBEBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)28Search flights
337F-GSPN - Not AvailableF-GSPNBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)28Search flights
338F-GZNS - Not AvailableF-GZNSBOEING 777-300 (B773)27Search flights
339F-GZCG - Not AvailableF-GZCGAirbus A-340 (A340)27Search flights
340F-GSPE - Not AvailableF-GSPEAirbus A-340 (A340)26Search flights
341F-GRHP - Not AvailableF-GRHPAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)26Search flights
342F-HRBD - Not AvailableF-HRBDBOEING 787-9 Dreamliner/Dreamliner (Srs.9)/787-9 BBJ/BBJ (787-9) (B789)26Search flights
343F-GZCB - Not AvailableF-GZCBBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)26Search flights
344F-GSPI - Not AvailableF-GSPIBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)26Search flights
345F-HPJF - Air FranceF-HPJFAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)26Search flights
346F-GSQS - Not AvailableF-GSQSBOEING 777-300 (B773)25Search flights
347F-GSPJ - Not AvailableF-GSPJBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)24Search flights
348F-GSPK - Not AvailableF-GSPKBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)23Search flights
349F-GSPY - Not AvailableF-GSPYBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)23Search flights
350F-GSPP - Not AvailableF-GSPPBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)23Search flights
351F-GSQF - Not AvailableF-GSQFBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)23Search flights
352F-GSPB - Air FranceF-GSPBBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)23Search flights
353F-GSPQ - Not AvailableF-GSPQBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)23Search flights
354F-GSQJ - Not AvailableF-GSQJBOEING 777-300 (B773)23Search flights
355F-HBNL - Transavia FranceF-HBNLAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)23Search flights
356F-GSQC - Air FranceF-GSQCAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)23Search flights
357F-GSPT - Not AvailableF-GSPTBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)22Search flights
358F-GSPZ - Not AvailableF-GSPZBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)21Search flights
359F-GSQJ - Air FranceF-GSQJAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)21Search flights
360F-GZCJ - Not AvailableF-GZCJAirbus Airbus A330 (A330)20Search flights
361F-GSPC - Not AvailableF-GSPCBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)20Search flights
362F-GZNK - Not AvailableF-GZNKBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)20Search flights
363F-GZCA - Not AvailableF-GZCAAirbus A-340 (A340)19Search flights
364F-GSQU - Not AvailableF-GSQUBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)19Search flights
365F-HBNH - Transavia FranceF-HBNHAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)18Search flights
366F-GSPG - Not AvailableF-GSPGBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)18Search flights
367F-GZCI - Not AvailableF-GZCIAirbus A-340 (A340)16Search flights
368F-GSPA - Not AvailableF-GSPABOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)16Search flights
369F-GSPU - Not AvailableF-GSPUBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)14Search flights
370F-GTAO - Not AvailableF-GTAOAIRBUS A-321 (A321)14Search flights
371F-GZCM - Not AvailableF-GZCMAirbus A-340 (A340)14Search flights
372F-GSPF - Not AvailableF-GSPFBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)13Search flights
373F-GZCK - Not AvailableF-GZCKAirbus A-340 (A340)12Search flights
374F-GSQT - Transavia FranceF-GSQTBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)12Search flights
375F-GZCE - Not AvailableF-GZCEAirbus A-340 (A340)11Search flights
376F-GRHQ - Transavia FranceF-GRHQAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)9Search flights
377F-GSPB - Not AvailableF-GSPBBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)9Search flights
378F-HBNA - Transavia FranceF-HBNAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)8Search flights
379F-GRHG - Not AvailableF-GRHGAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)8Search flights
380F-HBNE - Transavia FranceF-HBNEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)7Search flights
381F-HBNG - Transavia FranceF-HBNGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)7Search flights
382F-HBNF - Transavia FranceF-HBNFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)7Search flights
383F-GRHR - Transavia FranceF-GRHRAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)6Search flights
384F-HBND - Transavia FranceF-HBNDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)6Search flights
385F-GSPH - Not AvailableF-GSPHBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)6Search flights
386F-GRHF - Transavia FranceF-GRHFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)6Search flights
387F-GSQX - Transavia FranceF-GSQXBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)6Search flights
388F-GKXJ - Transavia FranceF-GKXJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)6Search flights
389F-GZNG - Transavia FranceF-GZNGBOEING 777-300 (B773)6Search flights
390F-GRHB - Transavia FranceF-GRHBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)6Search flights
391F-GSQS - Transavia FranceF-GSQSBOEING 777-300 (B773)5Search flights
392F-GSQF - Air FranceF-GSQFAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)5Search flights
393F-HBNC - Transavia FranceF-HBNCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)5Search flights
394F-GPMD - Not AvailableF-GPMDAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)5Search flights
395F-GRXF - Transavia FranceF-GRXFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)5Search flights
396F-GSPV - Not AvailableF-GSPVBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)5Search flights
397F-HBNB - Transavia FranceF-HBNBAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)4Search flights
398F-GRHX - Transavia FranceF-GRHXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)4Search flights
399F-GSQC - Not AvailableF-GSQCAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)4Search flights
400F-GRHV - Transavia FranceF-GRHVAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)4Search flights
401F-GKXE - Air CorsicaF-GKXEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)4Search flights
402F-HBNJ - Transavia FranceF-HBNJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)4Search flights
403F-GRHJ - Air CorsicaF-GRHJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)4Search flights
404F-GSQF - Not AvailableF-GSQFAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)4Search flights
405F-GSQJ - Not AvailableF-GSQJAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)3Search flights
406F-HBNF - Air CorsicaF-HBNFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3Search flights
407F-GRHZ - Air CorsicaF-GRHZAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3Search flights
408F-GSQR - Transavia FranceF-GSQRBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)3Search flights
409F-GSPS - Not AvailableF-GSPSBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)3Search flights
410F-HEPA - Transavia FranceF-HEPAAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)3Search flights
411F-GRHI - Air CorsicaF-GRHIAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)3Search flights
412F-GUGM - Air CorsicaF-GUGMAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)2Search flights
413F-GRHX - Air CorsicaF-GRHXAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
414F-GRHS - Transavia FranceF-GRHSAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
415F-GRHJ - Transavia FranceF-GRHJAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
416F-GKXE - Transavia FranceF-GKXEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
417F-GRHE - Transavia FranceF-GRHEAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
418F-HBNH - Air CorsicaF-HBNHAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
419F-GRXB - Transavia FranceF-GRXBAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
420F-GKXG - Air CorsicaF-GKXGAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
421F-GRHZ - Transavia FranceF-GRHZAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)2Search flights
422F-GKXJ - British AirwaysF-GKXJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
423F-HBNC - Air CorsicaF-HBNCAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
424F-GKXO - Transavia FranceF-GKXOAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
425F-GSQN - Transavia FranceF-GSQNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)2Search flights
426F-HPJF - Not AvailableF-HPJFAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)2Search flights
427F-GSQO - Transavia FranceF-GSQOBOEING 777-300 (B773)2Search flights
428F-HPJJ - Not AvailableF-HPJJAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)2Search flights
429F-HBNI - Transavia FranceF-HBNIAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)2Search flights
430F-GSQV - Not AvailableF-GSQVAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)2Search flights
431F-HEPE - Pan Europeenne Air ServiceF-HEPEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
432F-GRHH - AviaexpressF-GRHHAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
433F-GRHH - MyCargo AirlinesF-GRHHAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
434F-GRHF - NeosF-GRHFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
435F-HEPK - La Baule Aviation ValljetF-HEPKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
436F-GRHP - KLMF-GRHPAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
437F-GZCI - Transavia FranceF-GZCIAirbus A-340 (A340)1Search flights
438F-GZCA - Air RegionalF-GZCAAirbus A-340 (A340)1Search flights
439F-GRHP - Transavia FranceF-GRHPAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
440F-GRHV - Air CorsicaF-GRHVAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
441F-HEPJ - Brava Linhas AereasF-HEPJAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
442F-GRHI - Transavia FranceF-GRHIAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
443F-HBNE - EuroAirF-HBNEAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
444F-HBNK - Transavia FranceF-HBNKAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
445F-GTAE - Air RegionalF-GTAEAIRBUS A-321 (A321)1Search flights
446F-GUGE - Twin JetF-GUGEAIRBUS A-318/Elite/A-318 Elite (A318)1Search flights
447F-GRHL - Transavia FranceF-GRHLAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
448F-GUGF - Transavia FranceF-GUGFAIRBUS A-319/VC-1 ACJ/A-319 ACJ/ACJ (A319)1Search flights
449F-HEPD - AstonjetF-HEPDAIRBUS A-320/A-320 Prestige/Prestige (A-320) (A320)1Search flights
450F-GZCL - Force Aerienne FrancaiseF-GZCLAirbus A-340 (A340)1Search flights
451F-GSPX - Air CorsicaF-GSPXBOEING 777-200/777-200ER (B772)1Search flights
452F-HPJD - Not AvailableF-HPJDAIRBUS A-380-800/A-380-800 Prestige/Prestige (A-380-800) (A388)1Search flights
453F-GSPN - Transavia FranceF-GSPNBOEING 777-300ER/777-300ER BBJ/BBJ (777-300ER) (B77W)1Search flights